Flex Belt: The Ab-tastic and the Ab-horrent

You’ve seen the commercials. You’ve heard the claims. What are we talking about? The Flex Belt, of course. That ab-inducing belt that promises to give you the abs you have always dreamt of but never thought you could achieve.

According to the Flex Belt, all you have to do is fasten it on and let it work for you. No crunches or sit-ups are required. Yeah, it can sound a little gimmicky, so let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and see what it can really do, what it can’t, what’s great and what’s not so great.


What’s the Skinny? Will the Flex Belt Really Make Me Skinny?

Let’s start off with the ab-tastic things, or the fantastic things, when it comes to the Flex Belt.

It claims to work quickly. According to the makers of Flex Belt, once you use it daily for 30 minutes, you should see results in 4 to 8 weeks. After that, you should be able to use it 2-3 times a week for maintenance.

It is comfortable to use. It produces a light, pulsating feeling and then contracts smoothly. Since the belt is stretchy, you can adjust it for the right fit. You don’t have wear it too tightly where it will be bothersome or restrict your movement.

Speaking of the pulsating feeling, another advantage is the fact that you can adjust the intensity. The Flex Belt ranges in intensity from 1 to 150, so that leaves a whole lot of options for you. That way you can start off pretty low and go as high as you feel is necessary. Isn’t it great to have 150 options?


Proven Science & Safe To Use

It is safe to use. It has proven science behind it and has even been approved by the FDA. You can’t get much safer than that.

It also comes with a guarantee. If you don’t see visible results in the expected 4 to 8 weeks, then you have a 60-day money-back guarantee at your disposal.

Probably the best advantage of all is it is easy, easy, easy. All you do is put it on, choose your setting and let it do all the work. That means one less task for you.

Now, on to the not so great things.

It is pretty costly. The Flex Belt sells for close to $200. It’s not exactly the cheapest product out there and it only focuses on one things – abs. It’s not a full-body product so that’s something to keep in mind.

Even though it can help you to lose inches and fat in your midsection, it’s not a weigh loss device per se, as a number of people assume. It is not intended to make you super model thin or to lose a lot of weight. In fact, you are encouraged to have a healthy lifestyle in place and to use this as a supplement.

Now, that you know the good, the bad and the ugly on the Flex Belt, the decision is in your hands.

Want Killer Abs with No Workout? Introducing the Flex Belt

Hardly a day goes by that you don’t see a commercial or ad that features some sort of weight loss pill, powder, trampoline and lately, a belt. Yes, a belt and not one of those to hold up your pants either. The latest rage in exercise these days is the Flex Belt, or an ab belt. It has incredible claims, transformative before and after pictures and the all-powerful celebrity endorsements.

Do you want to try it? Do you believe that it can change your life? Do you have all that it takes to wear the belt?

Okay, you know the name is Flex Belt but how does this thing work? What are its secret powers? Before we get to all of that, let’s find out exactly what it is.


I’m Intrigued, I Need More Details.

A Flex Belt is a wide band product that fits around your midsection. Its purpose is to target the wearer’s abs by sending electrical charges to the midsection that in turn activates the abdominal muscles. These belts are intended to firm, tone and strengthen the stomach muscles.

Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of these electrical charges. Biology and scientists tell us that the central nervous system in humans sends electrical impulses that control muscle action on a constant basis.

Flex Belt makers utilize EMS, or Electro Muscular Stimulation. EMS builds upon the body’s natural electrical impulses and reaches down deeper into abdominal muscle layers. Standard ab exercises can’t reach these deep, mysterious levels so that’s why doing hundreds of daily sit-ups can yield little in the way of washboard abs.

The Science Behind The Technology

This stimulation technology has been used in the medical world for more than 30 years. In fact, the Flex Belt maker is actually an Irish medical device company with more than 40 years of experience in the areas of design, marketing and manufacturing EMS. And get this, the Flex Belt has been cleared by the FDA. You have the science and the greenlight so that gives you something to mull over.

Do you want to know what the “gotcha” factor is? Well, you don’t even have to do sit-ups, crunches, lateral raises, kick thrusts or any other bothersome, sweat-inducing ab exercise. Doing ab exercises to get that sexy six-pack is so 20th century.

These belts are portable so wherever you go, it goes. You can wear it around your house, out to the market, to work and even to the gym. If you can’t help but workout, you can still wear it to give you an extra boost.

Okay, you know what the belt is and the powers behind it, so you’re part of the way there in making a wise consumer choice. Just like any other product, the Flex Belt doesn’t work the same for everybody and everybody isn’t guaranteed results. Putting on a belt to get abs might seem like a pipe dream, but now you know there’s a science behind it.


Flex Belt Safety Explored

When it comes to weight loss and just overall being healthy, there are too many items available to even be counted. As our world has become more overweight and obese, we have seen the huge physical, emotional, social, psychological and economic toll all these extra pounds have caused.

There’s an increased chance of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and the list goes on and on. When choosing the right weight loss option, it is imperative that whatever you choose is safe and doesn’t cause further health issues. That’s probably the reason why hordes of people are turning to the Flex Belt, one of the top-selling ab belts.

After all, it’s a belt, how much damage could it cause? Great question, let’s turn our attention to the Flex Belt and find out if it is truly safe or not.

the flex belt

How Safe is this Thing Really?

To answer that question, it’s important to look at some of the science behind it. The Flex Belt is based on the principle of EMS, or Electro Muscular Stimulation. EMS enhances the body’s natural ability of sending electrical impulses to control muscle actions. EMS allows the impulses to go deeper into muscle layers.

The Flex Belt was created by an Irish medical device company with 40 years of experience, so everything has been thoroughly researched, tested and vetted. For added comfort, the Food and Drug Administration has given the Flex Belt its seal of approval.

For anybody who knows anything about health and fitness, it’s not often that the FDA gives its approval for non-pharmaceutical products. That’s right; the FDA is not handing out proposals like gold stickers in kindergarten.

I’m Still Not Convinced. What Else Do You Have?

Well, informed and concerned consumer, since you’re not all the way convinced, let’s get you a little more knowledge to assuage your fears

The Flex Belt has been cleared for use for every fitness level. From those who consider exercise walking to the fridge for a beer to those who enter triathlons for fun, the Flex Belt can be a good fit for you. Whether you are in shape or not, the Flex Belt is here for you to help you on your journey of fitness or to give you an extra advantage if you are in shape.

This great for all age groups; from young children just getting into sports to working moms with no time for the gym to grandpa who needs a little extra boost for his evening jog.

Even though the Flex Belt is relatively safe, there are a few groups who shouldn’t use the belt. This include people with certain health conditions such as heart problems, pace maker wearers, diabetics who take insulin injections and cancer patients.

Overall, Flex Belt should be safe enough for the majority of people.

Flex Belt Popularity Theories

Google ab-toning belts and see how many results pop up. It’s well over 750,000. Go to Amazon and see how many different products get displayed. There should be over 200 products available for sale. However, at the top of these lists, one product stands out from the rest. That is the Flex Belt.

This ab-toning belt is a clear favorite and popping up all over the place. What makes this belt so different? Why has it become so popular? Let’s pore over a few theories and see what we can come up with, okay?


Why is the Flex Belt so Popular?

It’s a simple theory but true – the Flex Belt really works. It may be hard for some to imagine that a piece of toning equipment really works, especially one that requires basically no strenuous exercise.

In fact, it can sound a little far-fetched that strapping on a belt and adjusting the pulses can really help you develop toned abs. However, review after review of legitimate users have pledged their loyalty and adoration to this product. Users have been impressed with it and have provided glowing reviews. Don’t you want to be like everybody else and join in?

The ease of use is another major factor of why the Flex Belt is so popular. You really don’t have to do anything. This isn’t accompanied with some insane workout DVD that you must follow in order to get the results that you want. There’s no restricting yourself to a water and spinach diet.


It Doesn’t Interfere With Your Schedule

You put on the Flex Belt, go about your business and let it work for you. However, keep in mind that you do need to have some sort of other healthy activities in your life. For instance, don’t eat three cheeseburgers and a shake while wearing your Flex Belt and expect to get rock-hard abs. You don’t have to do thousands of ab exercises a day, so that should be enough of an award.

Oh my, is that (fill in the blank) wearing the Flex Belt? That’s right; the Flex Belt has some major celebrity endorsements. Some popular names rocking the Flex Belt are: Denise Richards, movie and TV actress and former model; Adrianne Curry, model, reality TV personality, spokeswoman and winner of the first cycle of “America’s Next Top Model;” Lisa Rinna, actress and Jerry Rice, one of the best wide NFL receivers of all-time and three-time Super Bowl champ.

That’s just to name a few since we don’t want to do too much name-dropping. We all know that popular celebrities and the beautiful people can sell almost anything.


These are just a few of the reasons why the Flex Belt is head of the class when it comes to ab-toning belt. Even though it is a crowded market, the Flex Belt has elbowed its way into elitism based on a good product that does what it’s intended to do. Getting this belt might just help you be a little bit more popular yourself.

Raw and Real Customer Reviews of the Flex Belt

You know how sometimes you see a product and you want to try it so bad, so you do a little research by looking at customer reviews? Sometimes your hopes and dreams are quickly deflated after reading rotten review after rotten review.

Then, there are other times where the reviews are so great; you whip out your credit card on the spot. Well, reviews of the Flex Belt seem to be of the latter persuasion. There are hundreds upon hundreds of reviews of the Flex Belt and the consensus seems to point to this being a great product that produces real results.

Of course, there are reviews that aren’t so rosy, with some people suggesting that you keep your money. The reviews cover a wide swath of people, so let’s go over a few to see how the Flex Belt really stacks up.

flex belt review

You’ve Got to Try this Product.

One positive review is from a man who is 6’7” and 215 pounds with little muscle tone. He gave it 5 stars and said that this was a great product for him.

He said, “let me sum…Read more {link to the review page on Amazon} 

A 59-year-old man, who describes himself as lean with the exception of his midsection, who’s looking to tone up gave the product 5 stars. Read more {link to the review page on Amazon}

Following a C-section, a new mother gave the Flex Belt 5 stars as well and said, “It works quite well…I mean you still need to watch what you eat, go to the gym, etc…but I have noticed more definition in my abs…you have to work at it by exercising and eating right, but it is a great tool to have too…”


Nah, Don’t Waste Your Money.

One less than thrilled user gave it one star and said, “And the worst part, is that it is uncomfortable, annoying and doesn’t work… terrible, terrible product.”

Another one star review said, “No benefits received from product. Wish I had ordered directly from the manufacturer…would have gotten it cheaper by $50, plus there would have been a money-back guarantee. Now I’m just stuck with an expensive piece of nothing. Lesson learned.”

Another user gave it one star and put it simply, “did not work for me 🙁 used it as the directions state…saw NO results, none at all. very disappointed 🙁 I guess the old fashion workout and home and eating healthy it is!”